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Mobile Web Design in Miami Beach

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Home of the Beautiful People. Miami Beach, which is the easternmost point of Florida, was once a calm barrier island. Miami Beach has since transformed into a vibrant, international destination for the rich and famous. Between cosmopolitan art fairs such as Art Basel and O’bjects de Maison, to 5 star hotels and restaurants, Miami Beach has become one of the top travel destinations worldwide.

Hence, why tourism is Miami Beach’s largest industry. With the renewed interest in Miami Beach, many businesses have flocked to the area to pander to the growing luxury market. However, with so much emphasis on the consumer, it is easy to lose sight of maintaining the business itself.

For most businesses to stay competitive, they must have more than just an attractive website. And, because almost all people surf the internet from their phone, search engine optimization and responsive design is critical. Furthermore, if the business in question specializes in retail, and they do not have an internet presence, then consumers will neither be aware of the store’s presence, nor give the brand much credibility.


Once you have a professionally designed website, you can start marketing it. Having a mobile website can help your business in the following ways:

Improved Search Engine Rankings:

A mobile website improves search engine results on search engines like Google, who reward websites with mobile interfaces.

Linking from QR Codes:

Mobile devices are unique in their ability to take advantage of QR codes. QR codes are displayed in print and when scanned with a smartphone it automatically launches a specific website URL or SMS message. This means that your advertisements, and posters can contain QR codes that will direct users to a specific mobile landing page that has more information and interactivity than a printed page or ad.

Better Advertising Opportunities:

Mobile advertising is one of the hottest online markets right now. A cell phone is always on and is within reach 24 hours a day. Do you have a promotion, sale or special you want to offer to generate immediate traffic or business? Mobile marketing is the fastest way to do that. One fifth of Americans have a smartphone, and that number is growing daily.


Just as having a mobile-ready website is important for your business, having it optimized for shopping is just as important if not more. Having e-commerce integrated into your site means that customers can order products and services from you, turning your website into a consistent source of revenue.

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