Our company philosophy of total customer satisfaction and making a difference has provided us a model for exceptional service, delivery and support. This model of excellence makes Telx, the destination of choice for all technological needs, at a very competitive price. Our goal is to enable our clients to do what they do best – earn profits, while we ensure that they comply with the technology market requirements in the most cost effective manner. Our company is committed to excellence, and that is found in all of our many different services. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving their needs. Telx employs a support staff of dedicated professionals. Each employee receives extensive technical and customer service training to ensure that you always receive friendly and accurate responses. All representatives have extensive technical backgrounds and many are MCP, MCSE, and A+ Certified. We are leaders in the technology industry and always looking to employ the highest level of technical staff with a unique set of skills.

Osniel Cainzos Telx Computers
Osniel Cainzos
Senior Developer
Joao Ley Jon Telx Computers
Joao Ley Jon
Web Developer
Carlos Andres Telx Computers
Carlos Andres
App Developer
Jessica Duran Telx Computers
Jessica Duran
Web Project Manager
Liam Beliveau Telx Computers
Liam Beliveau
Content Writer
Alina Zakirova Telx Computers
Alina Zakirova
Octavio Vitali Telx Computers
Octavio Vitali
IT Director
Abraham Aguirre Telx Computers
Abraham Aguirre
Lab Supervisor
Alexey Farinas Telx Computers
Alexey Farinas
IT Geek
Jason Aparcana Telx Computers
Jason Aparcana
it geek
Bruce Mota Telx Computers
Bruce Mota
it geek
Westher Theodor Telx Computers
Westher Theodor
it geek
Carlos Dominguez Telx Computers
Carlos Dominguez
VoIP manager
Luis Pino Telx Computers
Luis Pino
VOIP Technician