2015 Typography Trends

Typography Trend #1: Delicate Scripts

With all the bold and dramatic fonts increasing in popularity, it may be easy to miss some of the more delicate fonts hitting the market – such as Flirt by Positype, or Horizontes by Sudtipos.




Typography Trend #2: Slabs are Back

With rectangular and bold designs, this typographic font continues to modernize itself – becoming more audacious and dramatic.




Typography Trend #3: Beautiful Imperfections

Rustic, artisanal fonts are making a comeback. Fonts such as Catalina by Kimmy Design, Boucherie and Charcuterie de Laura Worthington are known for their vintage effects.




Typography Trend #4: Typo-Graphics

Optical illusions, layers and more. These fonts are dynamic, bold, and push graphic and typographic boundaries. (Bend by Juri Zaech, Core Escher by S-Core, Bron by Jeremia Adatte).




Typography Trend #5: Gotham is back

More and more beautiful and modern fonts are appearing and becoming bestsellers. Latinotype’s Texta Sans comes to mind.



Typography Trend #6: Classics Revisited

Just in case you thought we were going off the deep end, don’t worry, the classics are just as important. Garamond, Caslon, Baskerville, Fournier, Bodoni, Gill, Futura are examples of fonts that are making a comeback.


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