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1st Device   $229.00

2nd Device   $229.00   $206.10   (10% off)

3rd Device   $229.00   $194.65   (15% off)

If you do not want unlimited support, you may purchase an incident. An incident purchase will allow you a one time contact with our expert support staff. They will help to resolve your issue expeditiously, and there is no obligation for a membership.

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From setting up your computer to removing stubborn viruses, Telx Home provides comprehensive technical support to our users. Here are a few of the services we provide for our customers:

Unlimited Support for each covered device

Unlimited Virus Removal

Unlimited Computer Checkup

Operating System, and Software Installation

(license required)

FREE Webroot Advanced Security Software

(Block viruses and spyware, identify spam links or unsafe search results)


Need help one time? Pay for one incident and a Telx Home technician will assist you today. All of the things we fix for our members we can do for you as well, such as:

Email Setup

Printer Setup

Router Setup

(connect to your home network and establish a secure internet connection)

PC Transfer

Online Support


Telx Home is your premier technical support solution for personal computing. We help computer owners troubleshoot and fix their devices at a fraction of the costs that big box retailers charge.

Here are some of the benefits of Telx Home:

We offer FREE Webroot antivirus for our yearly subscription members.
Start off with a low rate of $229 a year for coverage.
Enjoy discounts for each additional device you add to your support plan (10% off of first device, 15% for second).

Here are some of the benefits of our Per Incident Support Plan:

Flexible “pay as you go” model.
Good for technical support on specific products

Just call 877-433-8324 (tech) to reach Telx Home to solve all of your support needs!

Need a Reliable Tech Support Company?

With today's rapid advancement in information technology (IT), it is vital an organization have a dependable tech support service at their disposal.

Our Tech Suppport Capabilities Include

Network security: regular security software updates protect the system and data from viruses and potential threats.
Desktop and end-user support: Desktop supoert service proviide by Telx Computers manages system data to enhances overal productivity and ensure growth of the organization.
E-mail services: Telx Computers' Hosted Exchange tech support service provides a managed reliable and secure way of communication.
Live chat support: Chat with of our Miami tech support specialists for instant resolution can connect remotely to your computer and solve de problem.
Remote PC support: A experience and qualified computer repair technician can correct remotely to your computer and solve the problem.


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